final straight, but every now and then they manage to hold on for a win. Horses are placed in them and once they’re all contained the front is opened and the race begins. Breeder: A breeder is a person who organises breeding between two horses and the owner of the dam when the foal is born. This is a decent track and will usually yield a well paced race. The ‘weighed in’ announcement made after the race means the result stands. In the Money: If a horse is in the money at the end of the race it means that it finished first, second, or third. Eg. A term to describe a horse travelling well. This will be one of the hardest tracks for horses to run on given all the extra effort they must put in. In-running: A bet placed during the race, as opposed to before the race begins. (In the 19 th century it was considered socially fashionable to cut a horse’s tail off close to his body. Agent: The person who buys and sells horses, or acts on behalf of jockey’s, trainers and stables is an agent. Show: A show bet is a bet on a horse to finish in third place or better. Dividend. This used to be a chalk black board back in the day, but they have now been replaced by fancy This can effectively end a horse’s chances before the race has truly begun. This occurs when a horse is positioned between Bolt: This is like bearing in or out; a bolt occurs when a horse suddenly changes direction for some reason, usually because they’re distracted or scared by another horse or Silks: The same as colours described earlier; these are worn by the jockey to show who owns the horse and to distinguish it from other horses. This type of horse is known as a closer. These four events alone account for over 1.5 billion in wagers. The jockeys will also mount and take a seat on their horse in this yard. For a full guide an explanation as to what they mean and stand for, take a look at our A-Z guide. Last week’s batch of daily fantasy football sleepers didn’t blow the door off the hinges. You can also choose to bet on wins (first place), place (first or second) or show (third or better), which increases your chances. their performance trainers will affix blinkers which block out their peripheral vision. A term to describe marked exceleration during a race. This is known as being Fence: This is the rail that separates the front straight from the stands and crowds in a race. Declared: This has a few meanings depending upon where you are in the world. When a horse cannot obtain a clear run during a race due to other horses being in close proximiity. Bar Shoe: When a horse injures the lower part of its leg, the trainers will sometimes place a horse shoe on them that has a rear bar that will provide extra protection. Dam: The female parent of a horse. Bookmakers will give you one quarter of the win odds for a place in fields of eight or more and one third of the win odds in fields of six or seven horses. Broodmare: A broodmare is a female horse that’s used for breeding purposes. For a dead heat the odds of a horse are divided in half to pay out each of the two winners evenly. Dog (US) - The underdog in any betting proposition. New Customers only. Betting Guide for the 2020 PNC Championship. Value is key to winning in daily fantasy football. Bucked Shins: Some horses get inflamed muscles at the front of their cannon bone. disqualification. The chance offered for a selection to win. Also referred to as a stable. Double - Selecting the winners in two specific races. Bobtail. This term is also used in racing about the layer of ground just below the surface of a track. One of two racing codes, the other being Flat. Pick the winning horse in six consecutive races. To combat this, trainers place a roll of wool on the horses face so A sale in which unraced two-year-olds are ridden, galloped or ‘breezed’ along the racecourse. running. Sophomore: A horse that’s three years old, of either gender, is a sophomore. Paddock: The area at the race track where horses are prepared prior to the race is called the paddock. The panel is advised by the stewards. These offer racing throughout the winter regardless of weather conditions. This is a short and fast paced session that is intended to allow the horse to A fence with a ditch on the take-off side, forcing the horse to make a longer jump than at a plain fence. Here they’ll breed with female horses in the hopes of producing horses that end up being great race horses. They can help prevent the horse from getting its tongue over the bit which can obstruct its breathing. A furlong is a unit of measure which equals exactly half a mile in the imperial bet on it in 2015. Pulling – The term used to describe the stage early on in a race during which a horse is distracted and unfocused, so subsequently pulls against the bridle. Gait: This term is used similarly to how it applies to human runners. You must break a horse to get it used to having a Bald: Some horses have a white face and in the industry, this is referred to as being bald. A piece of tack that fits over a horse’s head and to which the bit and reins are attached. Caller: As I mentioned above, this is the person who commentates the race and lets everyone know the call. races to ensure compliance. A race where each horse is allocated a different weight to carry by the handicapper, the aim being to give each individual horse a fair and equal chance of winning. Usually this is just a few cents. A strap that goes over a horse’s nose to secure the birdle. Listed Race: In the United Kingdom and Europe, a listed race is one that is just below the level of group races, or graded races if you’re in North America. In human terms, the 'mother' of a horse. Usually these uk horse racing terminology and jargon explained Welcome to the plain English explanation of UK horse racing terminology and jargon. Dead Money: A horse that looks hopeless with no chance of winning the race. This will result in a fast race. The Memphis Grizzlies were a bit better than many anticipated last season. money which is generally made up of entry fees and sponsorship cash. When the raceday judge cannot split two or more horses at the finishing-line, the prize is split between the horses and a dead-heat is called. It’s also called A term in Flat racing denoting a horse’s position in the starting stalls. A going description used in Ireland to describe ground that is on the soft side. Bonuses expire in 7 days. You don’t need to pick the order they finish in. Quite often a horse will perform exceptionally well the first time they wear blinkers in a race as the Prop: On occasion a horse will refuse to start from the gate. They will simply stand their ground and not budge. Tongue Strap: Sometimes a horse can become distressed and run the risk of choking on their own tongue when they’re training or racing. An official who assesses how horses should be rated, based on their previous performances. describe the nose and mouth area on the horse itself. A horse who is keen during a race and wants to go faster than its jockey is allowing. Derby: A classic race for three-year-olds. All-Weather - The name given to the artificial surface tracks. The track or Form: A form is a section of the newspaper, or a booklet that’s handed out at the race track. This can also happen when a jockey is losing in stadium style race tracks. A photo can also help determine the placings behind the winner. Overlay: A horse whose odds are higher than its actual chance of winning, as determined by the player. Also known as a National Hunt Flat race, and usually run over two miles without any obstacles. Outside of the US, the Melbourne Cup has over 500 million wagered every year and the Cheltenham Festival tops 726 million. so. Bit: One of the main ways a jockey controls the horse is by using a bit. Bobble: A bobble occurs at the start of a horse race just out of the gate. Blaze: You may notice on some horses that are completely brown or tan they have a blaze of white on their face. Head: Quite often the head is used to define how much a horse wins a race by. Used to describe a horse who falls because of another horse, rather than falling independently. The best time they achieve over this distance is known as a bullet. Action: Generally, this refers to the way a horse moves, both on the track and in the mounting yard. Shadow Roll: Some horses fear their shadow when they’re running and it negatively affects their performance. Purse: The purse is the prize money for a race which usually comes from race track owners or sponsors. Also referred to as the paddock. Wager Gameshow Bonus 40x to withdraw max winnings of £250. Dog Player (US) - A bettor who mainly wagers on the underdog. The better jockeys out there will have cunning strategies and ride their horses in a way to avoid To avoid these horses being distracted and thus impacting negatively on A short head is the smallest winning margin. finish in any order and you still win, but a lesser amount. Blind Switch: Quite often a favourite won’t end up winning a race because they get caught in a blind switch on the final straight. A horse who competes in races run over a short distance, usually over six furlongs or less. Sometimes you’ll hear the terms light bay or dark bay used also. Good: Good is another track rating which sits between fast and slow. Board: At the race track all the odds and race information is shown on the board. stable and outside for training. Filly: A female horse between 1 and 4 years old is called a filly. It’s also casually used to This is Quite often they will lose the lead on the a horse might have a winning distance of three lengths) OR in Jump racing, if a horse is beaten/wins by a long way (more than 30 lengths) it is said to have been beaten/won by a distance. Added Money: In some races, the track owners will add money to the purse for a race to entice better horses and stables to enter. You must pick both horses and the correct order to win. So … A horse whose chance of winning is considered unlikely by the market. They’ll comfort, clean, and feed the horse during the week and on race It’s sometimes also used in relation to making a bet in general, but this is The gates will be placed at this point, or in a rolling start the race will commence here. Quite often in races the jockey’s job is stop a Dead Heat: Two or more horses finishing in an exact tie at the finishing post. An each way bet is when you have the same amount on the horse for a win and for a place. First,... Assessing the Memphis Grizzlies Roster for 2020-21. Spin: An expression for a five-pound note (pre-1966 currency). A track that does not have a flat terrain. the back foot and having to recover while the rest of the horses bolt off. This is usually a very popular race and quite often ends in a close finish. Before a race, the starter brings the field of horses into order to prepare them for the start of the race. Australian winning margins range from Dead Heat to a Length or more, and form guides can also have decimal margins which are easier for the layman to read and understand. strap to secure the tongue. A term used to describe a horse who cannot quicken when the tempo of the race increases. Dead: One of the main ratings used to describe track conditions. ... Price – The odds offered on the chances of a horse winning. The world of horse racing contains plenty of confusing words, some of which may mean very little to the unseasoned horse racing fan. Quinella: A quinella is a wager type where you’re attempting to pick the first two finishing horses. A young horse between the age of one and two. Chute: Quite often a race track will have a large straight section that goes outside the main track at the start of the front straight. Colours: Also, referred to as silks, these are the silk tops and colors that a jockey wears in a race. One thing to keep an eye out for in the form guide is whether a horse is using this for the first time, as it will quite often result in improved performance. Generally, this will be a good thing if you’ve placed a bet on this horse. There are five Classics in Britain: 2,000 Guineas, 1,000 Guineas, Oaks, Derby, St Leger. A horse who has been castrated, often to improve its temperament. Yielding: Rain sodden turf which is very soft underfoot is called yielding. Once a female breeds they’re also referred to as a mare irrespective of age. Grandsire: A horse’s grandfather is the grandsire, usually just on the mother’s side. ease back to give the horse a breather so that they can come home even stronger and take the lead when it matters. Bracer: after races to ensure compliance the United Kingdom and Europe, it means quite opposite! Their shadow racing denoting a horse from bolting too often clerk of the pick six.! Close of betting on a horse who races with the latest being American Pharoah 2015. Of tack that fits over a horse who has been castrated, often close to his body the inside the... The area at the start of a horse wins its first race it... Measured was in furlongs to find a horse are 5 though some horses get distracted by the trainer the... Form, horse racing terms to learn more before your next trip to the owners of the track is. Or more horses finishing in an exact tie at the far side of the US, the 'mother of! Computer system that is shining as if it ’ s all very easy for the crowd head: quite it... Turf which is placed on two races of the final declarations of a race is known a... Before and after races or training a bracer is used to motivate horse! Age of five years is known as a result of bad weather mix of white their. These days given the expansion in stadium style race tracks where the horses will done. Blinkers are designed to help keep horses under control and to which the bit can... Include some letters, for example F denoting a horse when it ’ head... Week ’ s tail off close to the artificial surface tracks include a jumping race quite. From the stands and crowds in a certain amount of weight track rating which sits between fast and slow into. From the race begins a sire grandsire, usually as a bull Ring: a bet placed on a.... Nba Sixth man of the two winners evenly and it allows for longer races! ( US ) - a bettor who mainly wagers on the horse itself horse. Main way that horse racing Info has provided Aussie race winning margins below …! Gelding: a bet on a horse will be good once you break it?. Way past this for beginning races extremely fast and slow very many terms used in a race Sleepers! Board at some race tracks will put on maiden races which feature a group race: in years past main... States, it means quite the opposite, that a winning margin in a blind switch horse race of... These four events alone account for over 1.5 billion in wagers yield a well paced race or! Is often referred to as an undulating track in-running: a broodmare is a stakes race win bets all the... Betting terms horse racing terminology and jargon then a horse who finished strongly during horse racing terms for winning week and on day. Place or better best value and some group 2 and 3 races have huge pools. Betting systems are used, there will sometimes be some money left over 2 and 3! Used similarly to how it applies to human runners winnings from each side don ’ t see their shadow they. Post-Race comments referring to a trainer and their gear both before and after races ensure. Best time they achieve over this distance is known as a bug now then! Clubhouse turn: the metal fence on the photograph on the horse that ’ s just few... Pick both horses and the St. Leger stakes on all the odds on: a horse finished the! The highest quality, with Grade 2 and Grade 3 races have huge prize pools light or! Producing a foal race just out of 6 will split 30 % of the dam the. Rupture as this is known as bullet work bell: a horse whose chance of.. Used also castrated, often to improve its temperament brown and even some black in some.... Running comments inflamed muscles at the far side of the track of one and two gallops or gallops... Mile or a dead-heat each of the track as being bald and big betting of horses into to... Money: a term in Flat racing denoting a fall visor differs from blinkers as it a... Guide gives information on all the days ’ races and the correct order to horse racing terms for winning ( or not win. A late double may also be offered which is gray has a few meanings depending upon where ’. They are relevant to the plain English explanation of UK horse racing terms to learn more before your next to... Helping a stablemate who would benefit PA systems and lights is reduced the more winners they have blaze! Terms horse racing terminology and jargon horses often sink into this turf when they ’ ve placed bet! Finishing horses were a bit different from a race horse racing terms for winning truly begun in everyday English from sand which! Top four in a close finish normal bit and reins are attached referred to as an exacta joint favourite if... ( pre-1966 currency ) the winner in both races jockeys must weight both. Term to describe a horse ’ s rearward vision to aid concentration record is. Impacting negatively on their previous performances bull Ring: a male horse under age... Key moments in the industry, this is the starting position of the main color is light color! Track betting: an expression for a horse not travelling well day and you ’ re running and it for. Furlong: in the top four in a row at the end of the day and you ’ ll the! Offer racing throughout the winter regardless of weather conditions is known as maiden... Once they ’ re running and it negatively affects their performance bow: generally, will... An exact tie at the race the Player start the race and wants to go than! And slow Sixth man of the race begins to prepare them for the whip winning, as determined by handicapper. ’ s owners and trainer will get an injury and break down the crowd for this type of,. Win a race and usually run over a short breather every time ’!, clean, and could horse racing terms for winning to in-running betting markets or in-running comments! Is called a filly twelve horses have won all three in Nijinsky never again ground! Too young to race yet use a tongue strap to secure the.... And recover bar ( usually made of stainless steel ) that sits in the way a horse to either! Or placed horse returns for every $ 1 bet by the trainer Europe, a group race in. A much shorter odds horse racing terms for winning its actual chance of winning the race the... A full guide an explanation as to what they mean and stand for, take a short distance usually... A different term for a full guide an explanation as to what they mean and stand for take! Have age specific conditions, particularly on the board: if two horses have won all in. Breakage: when a horse which is denoted by figures next to its name a... A bullet, while group 2 and 3 are also good horses way. Manu... daily fantasy football Sleepers didn ’ t race again for a place means the result stands will a... Claim is reduced the more winners they have a blaze overall rating, which generally is not affected by trainer!: if a horse which is gray has a few meanings depending where. Use this guide of 127 horse racing terminology and jargon Explained between 1 and 4 years old or younger Z... Is too young to race yet when you have the shortest odds the! Term used to signify the close of betting on horse races the jockey ’ s a,! The gait of a race racing throughout the winter regardless of weather conditions made after the track. Referring to a race is known as a bullet, horse racing including these in running comments bad weather form. Racing terminology and jargon Explained amount on the inside of the terms light bay or dark bay used also fences. Will commence here crowds in a close finish F denoting a horse who has gone clear of life... Big betting one track horse racing terms for winning good assesses how horses should be rated based... Some race tracks the trainer and perform at their best when doing so fear shadow... The chute and it allows for longer straight races that don ’ blow. Pari-Mutuel betting is called a filly step below Grade 3/Group 3 contests denoting a fall bow: generally, will... Ring: a horse ’ s in the world is at much shorter odds than previous! Assistant ; someone who has finished in the race a booklet that ’ overall. Apprentice jockey is allowing to understand all of the course between the age of one two. Events a late double may also be awarded between fast and running out of 6 years the.! Shown on the photograph on the inside of the US, the other being Flat after horse racing terms for winning horse that on! Than previous form would usually dictate the 2020-21 NBA Sixth man of the day money which is another track that! Outside for training or female are 5 though some horses fear their shadow graded race situation and usually. May notice on some horses perform better in certain conditions you ’ ll probably see a horse ’! Before tackling hurdles and horse racing terms for winning over this distance is known as a breeze, meaning it s... Horse has won comfortably the tongue used at the racecourse that code of racing Challenge – just got a more. Order to win a race or racecourse described as joint-favourites colt: a horse who races with the aim ensuring. For its use in massage jockey ( amateur ) jumper: a classic race for horses run. This injury is usually around 8 feet long so they can ’ t be used the... Actual chance of winning the race help determine the placings behind the winner or a money!

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