It might sound meme-y, but I maxed out charisma on this playthrough to improve my early buying power and get the build online as quickly as possible (don’t forget charisma clothes!) i gave up on my build after 14 hours of gameplay, im not getting much ammo for my guns cause im not using v.a.t.s so i think a power armor build goes better with a melee first and after a heavy weapons build. Grab the junk jet and upgrade it early on to have the electric damage modifier on it. You can find a Missile Launcher somewhat early, but again, ammo is hard to come by. I'll be using melee to supplement my guns, especially early on. Upon entering the subway, you'll be confronted more or less immediately by a pair of super mutants, expediting your legendary equipment farming session considerably. But it's obviously not how the game was intended to be played. We are really grateful for this opportunity and it's super exciting for us! Flaming, bashing, and personal attacks will be removed and may result in a ban. Survival Mode in Fallout 4 is a beast. Finally I considered getting those shredding teeth on the minigun so I can grind enemies in melee without ammo. I had a legendary armor piece that did that before and it was insanely helpful, so I'll be getting that very early on. Tip 3: Charisma fits with heavy weapons better than you might expect. Legendary weapons come with random bonuses applied to them, and are only dropped by legendary enemies. The moderators of this subreddit also wish to thank anyone who helps the OP by providing advice and/or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. You know, you're probably right about Quick Hands. Yea, I figured that'd be the case. Get nerd rage for better survival, and one point in medic helps too. The Perk Chart has a list of all the perk descriptions and rank requirements and can serve as a useful reference. Undoubtedly the biggest issue with heavy weapons builds is simply getting them off the ground. Thanks so much to Nvidia for sponsoring this video! Traveling Pharmacy. Melee builds are viable even on upper difficulties in Fallout 4, particularly when you invest in the right perks. well thats my build for the first 11 levels, im having a blast. Fallout 76. It's supposed to be a tanky melee build but I find I need almost no perks until level 20+, there's not much weapon variety, and it's just not that exciting. Hopefully some of you will find the above tips useful for your own playthrough! EZ. You run out of ammo really fast. I tried a gamma gun in another file but wasn't terribly impressed with it, but if I'm going to have the perk I may as well use it. -Fusion core system is a little bit garbage, but you can buy them from vendors, get them with the scrounger can produce clean water with your settlements and sell them to profit. We used the tools over at combined with the perk list over at to plan and spec out some character builds to meet our particular styles. I'll start with 9 Intel and use the SPECIAL book to bump it up to 10. With Fallout 4 just around the corner it seemed appropriate to do a roundup of how GameCrate's writers and friends plan to survive in this particular post-nuclear-sandbox. If you’re not playing survival mode, you can definitely get away with fewer carry weight boosters though. If you want to use heavy weapons like a gatling laser or junk jet. For what it's worth though Demolition Expert is pretty good with Heavy Weapons because it affects the missile launcher and fatman. Heavy guns with high ROF but low damage per shot also get royally screwed by DR on armor, which further exacerbates the problem. In case you’re curious about specifically what I did, here’s a quick rundown of my survival build: STARTING SPECIAL, including book: S-6, P-4, E-5, C-10, I-2, A-1, L-1. Accordingly, I wanted to share a couple of my learnings and experiences with anyone else who may be interested in trying a heavy weapons run of their own sometime. Quite a compliment to the existing in-game arsenal, wouldn’t you say? Grabbed the perception and intelligence bobbleheads early as one should always do. Grandma Reddit This build uses explosive weapons, ballistic weaved clothing, heavy armor, and Dogmeat as a companion. It's just very tough. A night at the (west) Roxbury station can be extremely lucrative. Character Build Planner & Calculator SPECIALs and Perks Legendary Gear Mutations Addictions Nuclear Winter Stats Leveling. Bloodied Heavy Guns Build | Fallout 76 Builds Bloodied Builds are some of the most powerful setups you can conjure up in Fallout 76. E - 3 - A bit of heath, plus with one level or a bobblehead I can then get Chem Resistant, I - 9 - SPECIAL book for Nerd Rage right away, then Nuclear Physicist. ... and to do away with Sneak, which wasn't in the spirit of the build. Nope, no such luck. Once I'm level 15 or so I find I have 20+ Fusion Cores, so I'll probably be using the Gatling Laser primarily. If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. I'll level up my Perception for Demolitions a bit later (unless I find the bobblehead) because I won't need it right away. These 16 weapons go from the most unique guns available in Fallout 4, such as 3-barreled shotguns, to well-loved classics like the MAC11 or a beautifully engraved Desert Eagle. You get the Minigun at the start but the ammo is super limited for a while. Press J to jump to the feed. There are few things more satisfying than blowing away enemies with heavy weapons and explosives, and this ended up being one of my favorite FO4 runs to date. Feel free to also submit your updated builds as a new submission as you progress through the game. Hack if want to, but i still dont have it, and im like level 10, cause there isnt much terminals worth it. It might sound meme-y, but I maxed out charisma on this playthrough to improve my early buying power and get the build online as quickly as possible (don’t forget charisma clothes!) 3. since that is the build’s biggest weakness. Endurance again I'll level up once for Chem resistance later. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I like the flamer, but it's like the assault rifle and plasma weapons in that I'll spend the whole game collecting ammunition only to use it all up in one dungeon. Build Robots too if you have Automatron. mod. That's actually pretty helpful, I hadn't considered Nerd Rage. Gotta have Lone Wanderer. How to build the most lethal weapons in Fallout 4 and choose the right Perks for gun nuts. 3. Late game you will have all the ammo you need and more. I've never seen Flamer Fuel anywhere yet. since that is the build… Reset. That's really disappointing about the mods being at such a high level. You may get more mileage with perception (Demolition Expert) or Endurance to start. Power armor and damage resistance. So you’ll want to carry another heavy weapon to cover it’s weak points. I10= To level up things faster, and nuclear physicist, that works wonder with the gatling laser and the power armor, is a must, plus i took nerd rage for early gaming survival, science is important obviously to do laser weapons and armor craftings. You can grab one early from Fens Street Sewer (don’t bother killing the glowing one at early levels), and sufficient ammo is available from vendors as early as level 8 from what I’ve seen. Found: armor pieces, laser weapons, missile launchers, melee weapons, shotguns, assault rifles. The Infiltrator is by far the most powerful build in Fallout 4. This guide to a melee build will highlight some of the best perks you can take to enhance your character's damage potential, durability, and make them viable. It … Oxhorn 201,109 views In this case you might want to pick up a mod that fixes the laser Gatling so it actually shows the full charge of the core it is using instead of being limited to 500 shots.I would prioritize Heavy Gunner, Commando, Demolition Expert, Strong Back, and Gun Nut for damage output. Should I throw energy weapons into the mix until I get a decent amount of ammo for my big guns? Do the brotherhood mission fast to get the rifle, and get science to mod it to a more desirable taste.
Good Perception with Night Person. Damage: 120 Ballistic Ammo: Shotgun Shells - 10 capacity Weight: 10 Value: 65 Mods: Vanilla Mods Heavy Machine Gun: Screw the minigun, it sucks. Let's go over some of the weapons that I, personally, feel are pretty good *for what they do, when you get them*. A1= im not using V.A.T.S cause it burns my fusion cores, so let it at 1. Share your build. Fallout 4 Gauss Rifle Weapon Modifications, Finding Them, and Max Damage A Gauss Rifle in Fallout 4. Which is where the explosives or backup weapons come in. While the original build used Ballistic Weave and heavy armor pieces, this update is built to accomodate power armor as well. Again, no luck, I believe it's a lvl 38 (or something?) The strongest builds focus on great perk synergies or utilizing the best weapons in the game to pump out extreme levels of damage, one-shot enemies, or minimize the damage you take. Jack Schitt This build uses Sneak, no weapons, no armor, and Travis as a "companion". Fallout 76. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. I found the missile launcher (along with grenades, of course) to be a great partner as it delivers a LOT of pain at a safe distance. Link to my Twitter:'s going on guys! You'd probably do better just real-time shooting. Diamond City's Weapons Vendor. Granted, the ammo you do get is more effective when the flamer is upgraded, and the flamer is really bad for taking on fatties like deathclaws or boss-like enemies. Yeah heavy weapons is viable, if you pigion hole yourself in very specific weapon types. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. On difficulties easier than survival, you can actually get away with having a whole bevy of heavy weapons at once, and it’s an absolute joy being able to swap between them as the situation dictates. P - 4 - Lockpicking, and I'll level it for Demolition later on. You have to use other weapons. awhile ago when fallout 4 came out i made a character on my own not even knowing what stats to aim for and nowadays i go on your channel to find a new build and couldnt decide o i went to my old file to see if it was as good as your builds and it rivals all of them. I'll try getting the Broadsider as early as I can, but I think I may be stuck using the Minigun and the Junk Jet for a while, while selling all ammo I won't be using. S7 = To get steady aim, armorer, heavy gunner, crafting uber defense gear is crucial, for this is like a tanky, heavy gunner, tower build. The minigun and/or broadsider can be fair supplements as well, but the missile launcher definitely stands out as my preferred selection when explosive damage perks are splashed in. It was used for the Explosives Only challenge. 20% on a weapon that doesn't do a lot of dmg to begin with (like a pipe rifle) really isn't a big deal. I'm looking at something like this (this has been updated after some feedback): S - 6 - Heavy Guns, Strong Back, and eventually Steady Aim when I get the bobblehead. 6 Strength to start, I'll be using energy weapons and melee until I get my Big Guns. Unique weapons are weapons that are already named and will always retain the same special bonus. The flamer not only solves the problem of getting over the early hump but can be a legitimately solid backbone of your heavy weapon build in the long run too. Unlike previous installments, weapons in Fallout 4 fall under three classifications: normal, legendary, and unique. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, but certainly serviceable, especially for lower levels and easier difficulties. Starting set from Concord is enough to get you to the BoS set, which is enough to beat the game with, even in survival mode. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A state-of-the-art subreddit from Vault-Tec. While rather w… Pipe guns can be found in large quantities throughout the entire Commonwealth. Any weapon or armor is viable with this build, the key are the perks and stats. Only like 10%-15% behind the vaporization nozzle in damage, but doesn't require you to be in make-out range of enemies. In order to deliver its full damage, the fire button must be held down and the weapon charged. There's some sources of Minigun-totting enemies (like the Station Olivia east of Sanctuary), but they're few and far apart at early levels. Initially I thought I'd just buy 5mm ammo, or find it with Scrounger. P - 4 - Lockpicking, and I'll level it for Demolition later on.

If you're feeling daring, head inside nearby Satellite Station Olivia, kill the raiders, and get ANOTHER fusion core. Dealing damage numbers that are above and beyond what should even be currently allowed, some Bloodied Builds are able to give players the sheer power to solo literally any content in the entire game. Top 10 Best Heavy Weapons in Fallout 4 BY Nelson Chitty This post may contain affiliate links. Everything else will weigh to much to use constantly. In later levels, added in extra endurance and carried more heavy weapons to improve survivability and firepower respectively. I don't know how I forgot about Demolitions. The only catch is that a maxed out flamer is effectively a melee weapon, so you’ll want good survivability to match. Fallout 4 Melee Build Great Perks and Tips for Playing with Melee Weapons. Just use the junk jet until you are around level 15-20, all the meanwhile buying canonballs and missiles everywhere you can, and then start exclusively using the broadsider, missile launcher, and explosives around level 20. You can easily get away with having less than maximum charisma, but the point is that pumping charisma can actually be very effective. The Gauss Rifle is a special type of weapon in Fallout 4. I'll be using the SPECIAL book to get to 10 Intel for Nerd Rage right away. Uniques are typically either bought from merchants or are quest reward… Early game is a killer. Act like it. To get the most out of a certain weapon type from early game on you NEED to have a build in mind to get the right perks. Maybe the key is to go melee/big guns. Now in the early game, get armorer fast to craft some decent leather defense gear, go melee or with the 10mm. I'm currently doing a melee playthrough but finding it very boring. Heavy Gunner: More damage. About buying ammo, my friend mentioned that his settlement vendors sell a really nice amount of ammo - but of course, I don't have the points to put into Charisma for that.

32 … It’s a surprisingly simple matter to go through the early-game “gimme” quests/tasks until you’re almost level 10, grabbing the flamer, and continuing from there. I tend to be a packrat so I never carried any of them with me but if you don't mind sacrificing the inventory space, heavy weapons are definitely viable. I'm specifically only going over ranged weapons because I haven't done a melee build yet. With a few levels of … Fallout 4 offers a lot of ways to experience 23rd century America. It seems Heavy Guns are only meant to be used late-game. P2= i got the rifleman perk cause ill be using the righteous authority till i can get my hands on the gatling laser (final judgment) E7= Since ill be on power armors a lot, reduce limbs damage is a must for more tanky feelings. Armor: High defense power armor, with whatever mods you want, like a jetpack or tesla coils. This is a typical build i’ve used in every single fallout game. West Roxbury Station. Two centuries later, it is a staple of wasteland combat, being favored by settlers, raiders and super mutants all over the Commonwealth, filling the shortages of "real" weaponry. I'll definitely be grabbing Demolition - I somehow forgot about it completely. It can be fully upgraded immediately (which I recommend) as you don’t need any perks to do so, and from there your character can begin snowballing.

With enough levels you can trigger Blitz to … Thought about modding the minigun for a tri-barrel, which slows it down and saves ammo, increasing individual shot damage. S. 15. I’ve had a soft spot for big guns ever since FO3, trying to make some rendition of the archetype work in all the games since then. For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Heavy Weapons Build". I'm disabling it for now until I get some armor, then going with it again. You'll have enough ammo back stocked to last you forever as long as you continuously buy it. A heavy weapons build isn't a role play build, it's the same as a sneaky sniper or pistol build, or a run and gun PA build. Normal weapons have no special statistics on them whatsoever. Weapons: Railway rifle, plus your power armor upgraded fists. -No V.A.T.S, no criticals, kind of miss them when im doing missions, but i expect to not miss them when flying on my power armor and gatling lasering stuff. VATS probably isn't going to get you very far with minimal Perception and no Luck. Bear Arms. Unlike many of the previous games in the long-running franchise, Fallout 4 places a heavy emphasis on combat and a player can expect to face all manner of wasteland …
2x damage on full health enemies will kill most stuff outright, or severely injure stuff to a point that they're easy pickings.Wounding prefix on a minigun is fantastic. I only saw the Damage Resistance and Damage bonus, and forgot about the slow down time. That's a fantastic idea. Thank you for posting your build, or build related question/discussion, to r/fallout4builds. At level 3, get Science! And the ~600 rounds you get there will be gone very quickly. Bullet Shield: We’re usually try to run low on health with this build, so having a little bit extra damage resist it’s good. L2= To get the scrounger perk, to find more ammo for my guns. Sneak. Fallout 4 has a lot of boomsticks, but you don’t need any of them.Fallout 4 build guide: One-Punch ManNo matter how many Fallout 4 … Share on: Facebook Twitter Reddit. Same issue with the Cryolater. Certain legendary miniguns, or any gatling laser type. KEY PERKS: Heavy Gunner, Strong Back, Demolition Expert, Life Giver-rank 3, Medic, and Lone Wanderer (if you don’t like to have companions, which is how I typically play). I wouldn't worry about early game. I’ve been messing around with a handful of different approaches to a heavy weapons build in FO4 and was finally able to hobble something together that not only works, but is genuinely good. Go heavier into Strength also, and mix-up your heavy weapons with Melee, which is also super-effective in power armor. But I soon found that the quality of life perks that come with charisma are surprisingly handy. I am partial to the compression nozzle myself as it seems to have the best blend of damage and range. pts left: 0. And Scrounger. So, there's a lot of weapons with a lot of mods. Not every weapon will be useful for every build or even every scenario, but there are some... clear outliers, let's say.

December 26, 2018 at 2:34 pm. With the middling opinion surrounding Fallout 76 and the wide array of bugs plaguing the MMO, it’s clear that Fallout 4 is the best Fallout experience made for the current generation of video game hardware. I'm actually planning on using that mod. SPECIALs and Perks Legendary Gear Mutations Addictions Nuclear Winter Stats Leveling. I tried it, and it did not work for me at all. You can do this, it seems impossible but it is possible. First off, … Heavy Power Explosives build. Sided with the Railroad and blew up the Institute around level 40 or so. That's why people do it. Nope, it's a higher level mod (Gun Nut 3, so lvl 25-ish?). The main power of this build plays out once you obtain the Deliverer. Reset. Also, the flamer can’t do it all. Which nozzle do you use for the flamer though? You might end up finding that the grenades and Molotov cocktails will need to suffice until you get a decent amount of ammo. Weights of all Chems (including Stimpacks) are reduced by 90%. ... Top 10 Best Fallout 4 Weapons (And What’s Deadly About Them) [Top 25] Fallout 4: Best Mods That Make Things Fun (2020) We also welcome updates on whether advice you got on this subreddit helped you with your build. Gun bashing can do some work if all the pieces are pulled together. A Fallout 76 Build by Azokul. Pipe guns are also highly modifiable, capable of turning a standard pipe pistol into a pipe .45 caliber sniper rifle. Feel free to swap it for Blocker (still not really tested yet, but should work smoothly) PER 4 Refractor: I usually like the extra Energy Resistance with Ultracite PA or the Strangler one. There a lot of viable builds for Fallout 4 and which one’s best for you largely depends on your preferred playstyle. Grandma Reddit is a rework of an older Fallout: New Vegas challenge for Fallout 4. I knew it worked with the Launcher but I completely spaced out on that, so thanks for reminding me! Bloodied Heavy Weapons build. Basically your a stealthy sniper with access to all locations and story options. Solo Power Armour/Heavy Weapons Build. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

You can also get a fusion core in Concord Civic Access. You can also try to get your hands on a Gamma Gun. I knew it worked with the Launcher but somehow forgot for this build. Im having a blast, and things aren't very hard, get the fusion core from the red rocket sewer, and the brotherhood mission and go to corvega kill some raiders with your armor (you can mod it or don't, save the mod for the X-01) and the minigun you get at the beginning and get the bobblehead that makes fusion cores burn 10% longer, you can add a point in nuclear physicist if you wish. Tip 2: Maximize your carry weight and carry multiple heavy weapons. As Slogo said, I'd dump Agility for some Perception, so you can get Demolitions which adds to the Missile Launcher's damage. I'm not sure how worthwhile Quick Hands is, especially for 6 points of agility. What im doing is a build like this: S7P2(with the bobblehead)E7C1I10(with the S.P.E.C.I.A.L book)A1L2. So being able to carry them, their ammo, supplies, and a reasonable amount of loot means you’ll want to look for as much carrying capacity as possible. Share your build. I'd say you need to play to pick locks via perk or companion though as it'll give you access to a lot of loot you can use to buy ammo or just the ammo you need to begin with. Heavy weaponry and high damage. Good luck demolitions man. Basically, I gave it my best shot but was unable to find a way to make Heavy Gun build work in early game. Speech checks, supply lines, pacifism perks… all were used to great effect - especially on survival - and made the playthrough a lot smoother. I tried it already, but at level 5 it makes the enemies' weapons do waaay too much damage against me, to the point where I'm dying within a couple bullets. A crude, homemade weapon, the pipe gun models were common in pre-war Detroit street gangs. I figured it takes a long time for big guns to reload, but by the time you need to reload they should be dead - if not, just swap to another weapon. Doubly so if you have a minigun/missile launcher to pull out against tough fights. Choose what kind of weapon you're going to use as well as desirable legendary effects for your weapons and armor. Fallout 4’s weapon crafting is …